BAM School Mission

Body Art Motion School of Transformation applies ancient wisdom to modern functionality for personal growth and lifestyle enhancement through mind-body awareness and practices, dance, philosophy, and community connection.

Our mission is to simplify complex formulas into functional programs that are easy-to-follow and adopt into your daily life.  We offer educational courses, weekly classes, private coaching, guided group programs and retreats.

BAM has friends in many places, from fitness models in magazines, to athletes in fight cages - from belly dancers to yogis in ashrams.  One common thread between us is a desire to be strong, healthy, and free, and to study our mind/body to create, discover and express ourselves.  

We aim to reach beyond temporary results, routines that wear you down and extreme diets that starve the soul. This is a journey about what you sculpt for yourself and it starts with how you relate to yourself – how you feel physically, mentally and soulfully.