Private Sessions with Tanya Lee

Body Art Motion was launched in 1998 through Tanya's coaching-consulting methods.  BAM's growth was a direct result of her signature 3-month transformation programs. From personal training, to mind-body therapies, lifestyle coaching, teacher training and stage preparation - Tanya has guided thousands of people towards successfully achieving their goals. She works with a broad range of activity levels and abilities - from beginner to professional level. 

Her methods are based in organic processes that produce lasting change, verses forcing the body into destructive yo-yo patterns. 

Private coaching programs are available in-person in Calgary Alberta, or online anywhere in the world. Please contact us to discuss any questions, or to set up your initial appointment! 

Single Session 

  • This 60 minute session includes an interview, posture or lifestyle assessment and a customized routine.  You will be shown how to execute your exercises and given a video to practice with at home.  This option is for those who need a kick-start, trouble-shooting, or a refresh in yoga, dance, posture, or mind-body connection.


Body Transformation Coaching

  • This customized program is for you if you want to make significant habit changes with your body including posture alignment, flexibility, strength, nutrition basics, movement quality, pain reduction and/or freedom of expression.  Program includes an initial consultation, history, goal analysis, posture & lifestyle assessment.  Then a plan of action is decided upon.  Weekly or bi-weekly sessions will refine, advance and add accountability to your practice.  Program is available in packages of 4, 8 or 12 - for 1-3 people.

Performer Development Coaching

  • Tanya has a formula for stage presence!  She has worked with performers from a wide range of disciplines - from athletes to fitness models and dancers.  This customized program is for you if you are new or experienced on the stage or competition, and want to take your artistry to the next level.  The program begins with an initial consultation, where we talk about your goals as a performer and/or movement artist. Then we plan out a path of action and work towards that goal.  Topics covered, but not limited to: movement quality and posturing, clean technique, musicality, stage presence, staging, lighting, etiquette, emotion in performance, mental focus, audience interaction, storytelling, creating choreography, music mapping, team dynamics (if duet/trio). Program is available in packages of 4, 8 or 12 - for 1-3 people.

Mind-Body Connection Coaching

  • This program focuses in on the subtitles of connecting mind to body using methods from yoga, martial arts, meditation and/or dance.  Mind-body awareness is an invaluable tool in paying attention to what your body needs, how to fulfill those needs, be proactive with pain management, move more sensually, and gain more personal control over how you move through the world and interact with others.  Program is available in packages of 4, 8 or 12 - for singles or couples.