….And we always end the weekend with a PARTY!

….And we always end the weekend with a PARTY!

My dear friend SamiTe' was my first Bellydance teacher in Asheville North Carolina 2005 (she popped my bellydance cherry!).  I fell in love with her southern accent, ability to make me laugh, her fiery spirit, work ethic, and appreciation for details.  When I moved to Calgary in 2007, one of the things I missed the most were SamiTe's classes.  It took a while for me to build a student base here in Calgary, but by 2014 I was able to bring SamiTe' to Calgary so everyone could enjoy her as much as I did!!!  We've only missed one year since then (in that year I traveled to her to learn ITS!).  We've made a regular annual event around her visit that the BAM school looks forward to every year! 

We’d Love To Have You Join Us This Year!

Click through image for Facebook Event Page

Click through image for Facebook Event Page

On Saturday the 22nd...
we will train the day away werk'n our ITS skillz with SamiTe' !!!!  Be ready with your Level 1 technique polished up because we will be working some Level 2 and 3 concepts using our Level 1 stall moves - it's going to be sooo fun!!!  If you would like to brush up on your Level 1 vocabulary prior to the workshop, I'll be holding a 1-day "tune-up" on Saturday June 15th (more info below in registration section).   

On Saturday night...
we celebrate the Solstice within our beautiful dance family with a good ol' fashioned HAFLA!  Invite your friends/family - we will eat, drink, be merry and DANCE at Paper St!

On Sunday the 23rd...
we dive into the "Flavors of India" - one of SamiTe's favorite forms of tribal fusion.  We got a taste of this last year, and it was so fun - and an incredible workout! 



Saturday June 22nd 10am-3pm

*must have previous experience with Hot Pot ITS
In this workshop, we will expand our use of the Level 1 vocabulary! Learn new "plays" and formations to dance with your friends using your Hot Pot moves. Prepare to have your mind blown while having buckets of fun! We will begin the day with a brief review of the L1 vocabulary followed by an adventure in concepts applied to stall moves starting with an overview of stagger, circle, chorusline and then applying "special rules" that apply to duets, trios, quads, double circles and double choruslines! In the afternoon, we'll move into L2-3 flourishes, steals, how to work a room by changing fronts, travel through audience, moving the magic V and more!

Sunday June 23th 10am-3pm

*no previous experience required
Flavors of India is SamiTe's American modern fusion interpretation that utilizes bellydance as the foundation while layering elements and nuances found in Indian dance. Over 20 years of study in dance, yoga and most recently studies in Bharatnatyam with her teacher Thessaly Chance Tracy has led SamiTe' into this creative movement journey that she is excited to share with us! In this workshop, you will learn some basic stepping patterns, poses and mudras incorporated into a combination from one ofSamiTe's fusion choreographies: 

*Please Note that this is not an Indian Dance Class and is not intended to be a cultural representation of Indian Dance. SamiTe' does not teach Indian Dance, however she is enamored by Indian art, dance, music and culture and is inspired to work with those elements creatively.


Please note that there are limited spots available - first come, first serve.  To reserve your spot, please send funds through etransfer to with password: bodyartmotion. If you are registering for only one day, please list in the comments section which workshop you are registering for.   You may also visit to register through PayPal.  

  • TUITION: Full Weekend $250 or One Day $125

Refunds & Cancellations: There are no refunds after registration. You may sell your spot.  If you do, please let us know who will be taking your place in the workshop.