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BAM performing at Le Cirque de la Nuit's "Deja Vu"

  • The Palace Theatre 219 8 Avenue Southwest Calgary, AB, T2P 1B5 Canada (map)

Le Cirque de la Nuit are proud to presents

Le CIrque de la Nuit is proud to invite you all, to a truly unique and exquisite vintage affair. We're back in the Palace Theatre for an all out extravaganza unlike anything we've done before!

The year is 1931 and in the midst of the prohibition era, a unique and somewhat unorthodox travelling show has rolled into town. Under the shadow of the moonlight and nestled in the darkest corner of town, it’s show is about to open to all those seeking refuge from the ordinary and the mundane.

Step right up and enter the black and white tents and be prepared to witness a show unlike any other. A world without boundaries and rules, Le Cirque de la Nuit is not your typical travelling circus company. It’s caravan’s are filled with a multitude of characters and personalities from all corners of the globe. From the strangest sights to the most astounding feats of strength and skill, prepare to let go of what you think you know
and let your mind soar.


❖ JPOD THE BEAT CHEF - Swing Set Sounds - Canada

Ever since his first heartbeat JPOD has had music in his soul. His natural sense of rhythm and movement led to a genuine love for dancing. Equipped with creative motivation and armed with technical knowledge he continues to articulate an original sound rich with flavor. To keep him dancing JPOD consistently makes music with punchy beats and bouncy basslines. But his strong commitment to music with soul has inspired incorporating such vintage sounds as funk, world, reggae, swing, blues, folk, bluegrass, latin, motown and more! With such a range of styles JPOD always takes you on a diverse journey that transforms the dance floor. What could be better than smiling and dancing?

❖ HIGH STEP SOCIETY - Live Electro Swing - USA

When the honeyed tones of The Jazz Age meld with hottest beat drops of the new millennium, you get High Step Society’s elixir of live Electro Swing. Grandma remembers when she listened to jazz giants on the old Victrola. Grandkids feel the bass beats deep in their chest cavity. Merging dance music from our past with sounds for the future, High Step Society features a shimmering horn section that soars over syncopated high hats and rat-a-tat snare. The kids in the band are electronic music producers as well as educated jazz musicians. Audaciously sophisticated, High Step Society is rethinking jazz with unorthodox arrangements, and bringing a touch of elegance to electronic music. Formed in 2015, they are off to a rocketship start, playing festivals and packing dance halls across the Northwest. 

❖ ASIMOV ATOMSMASHER - Side Show | Burlesque - USA.

Currently based out of the People's Republic of Portland, Asimov Atomsmasher is an internationally traveling performance artist who works mostly in the genre of Neo-Burlesque but also ventures into sideshow, clowning, and character work. She has worked with the Wanderlust Circus, Super Geek League, and has been seen at festivals far and wide. She is a burlesque cult figure winning the unofficial title of fan favorite at the World Burlesque Games.


❖ LA ROUGE - Aerials | Acrobatics | Dance - Lethbridge, AB.

❖ VANNILA DISCO - Funk | Soul | Swing
❖ KATE RYAN - Hooping Extraordinare
❖ LANDON WATERS - Cyr Wheel | Acrobatics | Juggling
❖ WOLF FLOW - Lyra | Flow Arts | Dance
❖ TANYA LEE and BODY ART MOTION - Tribal Belly Dance
❖ THE CURIOSITIES - Dance | Flow Arts | Theatrics
❖ LUNA - Hooping | Flow Arts
❖ KEZIAH - Flow Arts
❖ KIMBERLY ILOTT - Aerial Pole | Lyra
❖ INDIGO ARTS - Belly Dance
❖ TONY ESTEVES - Juggling | Theatrics
❖ DAVID LYNES - The Ringmaster
❖ HAYDEN McHUGH - Vocal Performance
❖ MYSTERYSA - Vocal Performance
❖ LEVI LAFONTE - Broom Spinning | Theatrics
❖ BITCH SASSIDY - Burlesque | Theatrics
❖ PATRICK - Theatrics
❖ JORDAN - Theatrics

Tickets are $28 for Early Bird, $35 for the first tier, $42 there after and more at the door. VIP Ticket packages are available on a first come, first serve basis. VIP Packages go on sale later this week. For inquires contact

Tickets are available here:

Physical tickets will be available at GRASSROOTS by Friday, October 20th, 2017

THE PALACE THEATRE - 219 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Earlier Event: November 12
Later Event: November 25