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Tribal Fusion Bellydance Level 1 HotPot ITS (public class)

Registered 6-week Class Session with Tanya Lee (Every Thursday for 6-weeks)

TRIBAL FUSION BELLYDANCE - HOT POT STYLE ITS LEVEL 1:  This class will challenge your fitness!  We will breakdown and repeat basic techniques and moves in tribal fusion bellydance through the ITS format.  ITS stands for 'Improvisational Tribal Style' created by Amy Sigil of Unmata out of Sacramento California. This energetic dance is all about teamwork, having fun and being actively engaged in the moment.  It feels like bellydance meets sport! In this course, we will learn the full 'Hot Pot Unmata' ITS Level 1 vocabulary.  After this course, you will be able to dance with the larger Hot Pot ITS tribe!