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SamiTe' is coming back April 28/29th for her annual Calgary workshop! Yay!!!! Let's gather the Tribal Fusion Bellydance community and strengthen our connection!!! Every year, the SamiTe' weekend is a special gathering that we hold in our hearts for the whole year - and this year we are going to amp it up! 2018 is Body Art Motion's 20th Anniversary, so we are throwing a party on the Friday night where SamiTe' will be our featured performer! Get your tickets to Shakti here:


Saturday April 28th 12pm-4pm
*no previous experience required
Flavors of India is SamiTe's American modern fusion interpretation that utilizes bellydance as the foundation while layering elements and nuances found in Indian dance. Over 20 years of study in dance, yoga and most recently studies in Bharatnatyam with her teacher Thessaly Chance Tracy has led SamiTe' into this creative movement journey that she is excited to share with us! In this workshop, you will learn some basic stepping patterns, poses and mudras incorporated into a combination from one of SamiTe's recent fusion choreographies:

Please Note that this is not an Indian Dance Class and is not intended to be a cultural representation of Indian Dance. SamiTe' does not teach Indian Dance, however she is enamored by Indian art, dance, music and culture and is inspired to work with those elements creatively.

Sunday April 29th 12pm-4pm
*must have previous experience with Hot Pot ITS
In this workshop, we will expand our use of the Level 1 vocabulary! Learn new "plays" and formations to dance with your friends using your Hot Pot moves. We will work with special rules that apply to duets, trios, quads, double circles, double choruslines and more! Prepare to have your mind blown while having buckets of fun! 

(Sat Apr 14 12-4pm) $75
Refine your Level 1 ITS vocabulary technique and rules, as well getting clear on the formations of stagger, circle, chorus line. 


$275 Weekend with SamiTe' + Prep Workshop with Tanya Lee
$200 Weekend with SamiTe'
$125 One Day with SamiTe' 

SamiTe’ is an award winning bellydancer , fire performer, and movement instructor. She has diligently studied the art of bellydance since 1998 taking first runner up in the Tribal Fusion category at the Bellydancer of the Universe Competition in 2008. She has traveled the globe performing Fusion Bellydance and Fire Performance. She recently relocated to Palm Harbor, Florida from Asheville, NC where she ran weekly classes for 10 years. SamiTe’ also travels regionally and internationally teaching dance, movement, and therapeutics workshops. As a performer, SamiTe’ is known for her dynamic approach to movement and blends may styles of dance from Cabaret Bellydance, Hula, and Classical Indian Dance with her acrobatic background to create highly entertaining and physically demanding shows that always leave her audiences wanting more. She has been invited to perform with live music acts such as Beats Antique, Emancipator, Phuturprimitive, DrumSpyder, and more as well as participating in Zoe Jakes House of Tarot in Asheville, NC and Oakland,CA. As an instructor, SamiTe’ brings her experience as a yoga instructor and work in physical therapy to focus on anatomy and physiology of movement for safe exploration of shape, depth, and dimension. She has trained extensively at Hot Pot Studios with Amy Sigil and is a certified Improvisational Tribal Style Bellydance instructor.