July 1st to August 29th - NO CLASSES August 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
8 week session: $176 ($22/class)
Frequent Flyer 15%*: $150 (18.75/class)
*applies to full registration of 2 or more days/week

Since so many of us go away for extended summer vacations, I'm running more of the smaller "semi-private" classes. Registration will be 1st come 1st serve, so please register early to save your spot. I'm also opening to "partial registrations" for this 8 week series. If you know the weeks that you will not be able to attend, send me those dates and only send tuition for the classes you will be attending (please note that frequent flyer incentive does not apply to partial registration). For the semi-private classes, priority will be given for full vs partial registration. Drop-ins will be available for $25/class if there is room (please contact me ahead of time).

All the deets are below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I'm looking forward to moving through a beautiful summer with you!!! xoxo Tanya

*Semi-Private (5 students)

BAM yoga alignment.jpg

Yoga & Stress Reduction

This semi-private class is only open to 4 people.  This very gentle yoga class includes breath meditation, long deep stretching, and nurturing mantra music to soothe the body and soul. This class is great for the non-flexible body!

Wednesdays 7-8pm*

bam Drills Combos.jpg

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Drills N Combos
Multi-level class. Everyone is welcome.

Super fun all-levels class focused on posture, alignment and technique for tribal fusion belly dance as well as learning an array of Sigil Combinations (both slow/sultry and fast/fiery)! 

Mondays 11am-12pm*
Mondays 7pm-8pm

Level 1 ITS.jpg

Level 1 Hot Pot ITS
Improvisational Tribal Style Belly Dance

Intelligent, fun, sassy and sultry! This is where Belly Dance fuses with Sport! This is Amy Sigil’s Unmata Style Belly Dance from Sacramento California.

Wednesdays 11a-12p Technique & Transitions*
Thursdays 7-8pm Technique & Transitions
Thursdays 8:15-9:15pm Level 1&2 Concepts

Level 2.jpg

Level 2 Hot Pot ITS
Improvisational Tribal Style Belly Dance

By invitation only. Must be proficient in Level 1 ITS vocabulary and concepts.

Tuesdays 11a-12p Technique & Transitions*
Tuesdays 7-8p Technique & Transitions
Tuesdays 8-9p Concepts & Facing Duets
Thursdays 8:15-9:15p Level 1&2 Concepts