Hello Movers and Shakers!

Fall Class Registration is officially open!!! We get started the week of Sept. 16th! I am so looking forward to dancing into the beautiful fall season with you. I hope you had a fabulous summer and enjoyed some of the warm sun rays (so rare in our neck of the woods!). As much as I love the vacation season of summer and lazy dayz at the river, I really do look forward to the cozy days of fall - a time to turn inward, reflect and study. I have been experimenting with some new fusion moves and choreography that I'm super excited to share, and I'm totally stoked to turn up the ITS game in preparation for Amy Sigil's vist in February 2020!

This round of classes will be a 10 week session primed for those who love to study, practice and refine their craft! Tuesdays will be Level 2 ITS (if you haven't tested out of Level 1 and want to before this next session, please contact me asap). Wednesdays are dedicated to my own style of Tribal Fusion drills, combos and choreo - and we have a beautiful new location for these classes at Evolve-d Movement. Thursdays will continue to be dedicated to Level 1 ITS - the foundations that we forever continue to explore and refine!

Mondays are currently open for booking private lessons for 1-4 people. Please message me for details if you would like to organize a private class. I am also available in the daytime hours for private classes. More details are listed below for this session. Please let me know if you have any questions, and enjoy the rest of your summer!!!

xoxoxo Tanya

bam Drills Combos.jpg

Evolve-d Movement Arts: 4005, 9th st. SE
7pm to 8pm
BAM Style Tribal Fusion Drills
Explore the multi-verse of snake-like undulations, flicks, pops and shimmies - interpreted and applied to world-fusion electronic music.
8pm to 9pm
We will create a choreography together as a group, sourcing movement and interpretation.

Level 1 ITS.jpg

Ballroom & Country: 121, 17th Ave NE
7pm to 8pm  
Level 1 ITS Technique
This is where we all start and continue to refine!  This is our foundations! Learn the technique for the L1 ITS vocabulary. ITS = Improvisational Tribal Style Bellydance. 
8pm to 9pm  
Level 1 ITS Concepts
Now we dance with our technique in various formations as a group!  Must have completed one round of L1 technique class. 

Level 2.jpg

7pm to 8pm

Hot Pot ITS Level 2 Technique
Must have tested out of Level 1 Technique. Study and practice the Level 2 Vocabulary Technique for Hot Pot ITS.
8pm to 9pm
Hot Pot ITS Level 2 Concepts
Must have completed 1 round of Level 2 Technique Class. Apply the Level 2 Hot Pot ITS vocabulary to new formations, and facing duets.


Tanya has been instructing movement since 1995, made it her full time career in 1998 and fell in love with dance in 2004. She has always aimed to be her best self and deliver with passion, love, knowledge and experience. Her expansive career and training in the movement arts has given her opportunities to serve a vast spectrum of individuals and groups from olympians to chronic pain patients, belly dancers and yogis, to UFC fighters and bodybuilders. Tanya loves working with beginners and advanced movers!

“Movement is life and life is art. Move, create, live.”
Body + Art = Motion!
- Tanya Lee


To reserve your spot, please send funds through etransfer or paypal to info@bodyartmotion.com with password: bodyartmotion. Please list in the comments section which class you are registering for.

10 week session: $220 ($22/class)
Frequent Flyer 15%*: $187.50 (18.75/class)
*frequent flyer applies if you register for 2 or more classes/week

Complete your registration prior to midnight August 31st and receive 15% discount.

Payment Plans: Can't pull of the full tuition upfront? Contact Tanya to discuss how we can set up a payment plan! Really struggling with finances? We have some work trade options available!
Refunds & Cancellations: There are no refunds after the first class of the session is finished. If you decide after the first class that this is not for you, you may receive a refund for the remaining sessions. If you miss a class or two in the series, you will not be credited for missed classes.
Drop-ins & Partial Registrations: If you cannot make it for a whole session, there may be room for drop-ins and partial registrations. Please contact Tanya for more details.
Substitute Teachers & Rescheduled Classes: In case of emergency or illness, a substitute teacher may lead your class. If a substitute is not available, the class will be rescheduled to the week following the end of the 10-week session. If a class is cancelled, you will be notified via email. Please check your email before heading to class.