Witchy Woman Program: Wheel of Life

Study and practice an ancient framework that is still relevant today. Witchy Woman is a self-growth program focused around identifying and actualizing your needs, while connecting to the type of human you want to forever grow into.  In this program, we study the astropsychological blueprint of moon cycles and the wheel of the year. It's a detailed process of living/planning/processing in-tune with the specific phases of the moon and seasons.  Understand and embody the fact that we are an interdependent piece of nature as a whole. Our body, mind and spirit flows in alignment with the rhythms and patterns found in all of nature.  The Wheel of Life method shows us how to live in harmony with the phases that occur naturally each month and each year.

DIG DEEP into the center of your True Nature and ask yourself what you truly want.  KNOW in your heart it’s what you truly want. FOCUS and use your IMAGINATION to its greatest capacity.  BELIEVE that you can achieve it - believe it with your whole heart. SOURCE the courage to know that you are worth it and you are enough. MOVE through your life from this place.  

PROGRAM FORMATS AVAILABLE (in-person or online)
- 3 month Guided Journey (Weekly Sessions + Homework)
- 3 Day Intensive Immersion
- Private Coaching

NEXT PROGRAM: 3 month Guided Journey

Wednesdays 7-8:30p
Witchy Woman: Wheel of Life

12 week Program: Oct.3 - Dec.19
Tuition: $350 (in-classroom) or $175 (online)
Returning Students: $275
Includes:  Weekly Sessions,Workbook, Your Personalized Astrology Chart 

To reserve your spot, please send funds through etransfer or paypal toinfo@bodyartmotion.com with password: bodyartmotion.  Please list in the comments section which class you are registering for.  


- Weekly workshop/sister circle with facilitator Tanya Lee, designed to guide and support you through the process, phase by phase

- Detailed Witchy Woman calendar journal

- Full report of your personalized Astrology birth chart



- Be guided step-by-step through the process by a coach with 20 years experience.

- Learn about humanistic astropsychology from a certified Astrologer.

- Connect with a support group of like-minded women.

- Unveil the layers that may be holding you back from being your true self.

- Learn how to gain personal power from a place of self awareness and environmental awareness - from a place of love and respect, releasing the dependency on receiving power from others or over others.


"I have so much gratitude for Tanya and the programs she created. The Witchy Woman program was a powerful journey of digging deep into the self through astrology, connecting to the earth, the moon, the cosmos + the cyclic nature of life. It was a journey of tapping into the vast energy that is always available to us, and in turn connecting deeper to the innate wisdom that is within. When we connect to that source, magical shifts happen and they definitely did through the program! Tanya's knowledge as well as her authenticity and graciousness created a container for everyone to show up exactly as they are and to unravel into the woman they are forever growing into. I have so much love for this program and the sister hood that came with it." 
- Lisa Hillyer, Life/Health Coach +Yoga Teacher