Sunday September 29th, 2019 12pm to 3pm


Jai Benteau ( Zephrÿm ) and Tanya Lee (Body Art Motion) have paired up for this incredible 3 hour workshop! There is a magic that happens between DJ's and dancers in those moments where it feels so intuitively connected that you automatically ride the builds and hit the drops as if it was choreographed. For the first half of the workshop, Jai will dive into the method behind the musical magic with a breakdown of musical theory, formulas, patterns, rhythms and bpm's for each common genre of EDM. In the second half of the workshop, Tanya will guide you through practical application with improvisational dance.



Jai has been consistently involved in the EDM scene since the early 90's raver days and has journeyed with his musical passions through several genres appearing on the stages of Shambhala, KAMP, Fozzyfest, Circle Carnival and many others. It wasn't his dream of being a DJ, but he really liked making mixed tapes for his friends! These "mixed tapes" became so popular that Jai started getting asked to play at private parties. He loved seeing his friends dance to his music, and so DJ J-Byrd was born and he was playing regular weekly house sets at clubs throughout Calgary.

Shortly afterwards he was drawn to party promotion, started his own clothing brand, and opened a marketing agency. Fast forward 20 years and Jai is still playing! From a love for swing music and dark circus, DJ Bass Caravan was born and quickly became known as the go-to for Balkan swing beats accompanied by a full performance show. As the visionary and creative director behind Le Cirque de la Nuit, he spent the next 5 years immersed in curating magical immersive experiences where he worked with top professional performers and DJ's from around the globe. As he approached his 40's, he longed to stretch his creative wings and explore more meaningful tribal experiences - DJ Zephyrm was born out of passion for conscious contribution, deep sexy rhythms of mother earth, and modern sounds of global bass culture. Jai's eclectic experience is matched by his acute attention to detail and his flawless mixing across the multitude of genres within the electronic landscape.



Tanya is the founder of Body Art Motion, director of BAM performance group, co-founder/choreographer for Ethoterra Theatre, and Certified Hot Pot ITS instructor. She has been studying and teaching various forms of movement since 1995, and has been studying Tribal Fusion Belly Dance since 2005. Her love for EDM was ignited in 2004, shortly after picking up a fire staff for the first time and dancing barefoot in the dirt to a progressive DJ set that took her on a transformational journey! Since then, Tanya has performed as a soloist with live bands and DJ’s across North America including Beats Antique, Drumspyder, Emancipator, JPod, Miss Hazard, Amy Thiessen (Sundari Project), and Zephrÿm. In 2014, she was introduced to Hot Pot Improvisational Tribal Style Bellydance (ITS) and a new passion ignited for group improv dance. Since then, Tanya has spent the last 4 years dedicated to studying, certifying and sharing this dance language with people from all walks of life. Her BAM ITS team has had the honor of performing alongside some of their favorite DJ's including CloZee, Bass Caravan, Pumpkin, Qdup, AttYa, Manic Focus, Kali Yuga, Guru, Jaqi Iraqi and many more incredible musicians!


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202, 1933 – 10 Ave. SW. Calgary, Alberta (street parking)

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